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Why Dance Classes Are A Better Workout Than The Gym

Why Dance Classes Are A Better Workout Than The Gym

You may have noticed that baseball players can get a bit chunky, football players lose their abs pretty quickly, and running gets so boring that most people quit it. So why does dancing seem to stick? Dancing is, simply put, a much better workout than going to the gym. Even if you are lifting weights like a professional athlete or running miles every day, you aren’t getting quite the workout that a dancer gets.

So just why are dance classes in Toronto better than going to the gym? Here are a few reasons to consider:

You Can Easily Target Specific Areas

Are your legs weaker than they should be? Want to build up your thigh muscles? Taking a ballet class, for example, allows you to specifically target those areas of your body better than most other workouts. Sure, you can have ‘leg day’ but that often leaves you feeling tense and like you cannot walk.

Since dance aims to build lean muscles, your legs will still get that great workout, but you will be able to move the next day (though there may still be some pain).

Want to target your core? Hip hop and any other dance where you swivel around will work your glutes and abs. Even your arms can get a workout, depending on the type of dance you are doing!

If you want to work a specific body part and aren’t sure which dance is the best for that area, you can always ask.

You Won’t Notice You Are Doing Cardio

How easy is it to dance when you are at the club? Or when you are alone in your house and your favorite song comes on? You probably don’t even notice that you are moving all that much. Dance allows you to move (and get your heart beating faster) without even noticing it.

For people who don’t like going to the gym and don’t like to move, it can be extremely easy to break a sweat here. The hardest part of cardio is just getting to the point where you are burning fat – most of us can get through once we get there.

You Won’t Get Bored

How many miles can you run while reading the captions on CNN? While people push themselves to go to the gym and do it, most of us are bored. When you only get a few hours to yourself every day, why would you choose to do something that bores you?

Dance classes in Toronto are anything but boring. The music is loud enough to keep you interested, you are continually learning something new, and you even get to meet new people. Most people are surprised how quickly the hour passes and they are done – and they cannot wait to come back for more.

Dance Classes Are Good For People With Specific Needs

If you have a specific need for your exercise, there are few ways to personalize a class to your needs. Most classes will simply tell you to do the “easier” version of the move or will allow you to try your best. In dance, you will be able to try your best, but there are specific ways to do that.

Even people with specific needs for their movements, for example they are in wheelchairs or need support, can benefit from dance far more than they can the gym. Dancing allows you to learn so much more about your body than you’d ever thought possible.

While any kind of exercise is always the goal, there are certainly better ways to go about getting it. With dance, you are more likely to start a routine that is effective and lasting – people fall in love with this type of exercise. Even if you aren’t going to become a professional dancer, you will still get the benefits.

Image by Bernard-Verougstraete from Pixabay